To add a filesystem deployment package store using the administrative console:

  1. From the administrative console, go to Configuration > Authorization and Policies > Deployment Package Stores.
  2. Click New Deployment Package Store.
  3. In the New Deployment Package Store list, select Filesystem Deployment Package Store.
  4. Complete the General Configuration fields.
    1. In the Name field, enter a name for the deployment package store.
    2. In the Poll Interval field, enter a value in seconds for how often the directory should be polled for changes.

      A value of 0 only updates on start-up.

    3. In the Poll Directory field, enter the directory where the deployment package is stored locally.
  5. Optional: Complete the Policy Security fields.

    The Deployment Package Trust Store field is only required if you select signed in the Deployment Package Security Level field.

  6. Click Save To PingAuthorize Server Cluster.
    Your filesystem deployment package store is displayed on the Deployment Package Stores page.

Configure the PingAuthorize server to use embedded PDP mode with your deployment package store.