When configured to use embedded PDP mode, a policy file called a deployment package is used in PingAuthorize Server’s internal policy engine, which then handles all policy requests. The deployment package can be loaded into the server in two ways:

  • The deployment package is deployed to a deployment package store, which is read by the internal policy engine for updates at a configurable interval.
  • The deployment package is exported from the Policy Editor and loaded into the internal policy engine by an administrator.

Because embedded PDP mode does not require PingAuthorize Server to call out to an external server, it is considerably more performant than external PDP mode. To facilitate rapid policy development, you should use the Deployment Manager functionality that uses a deployment package store instead of the exported deployment package method.

Configure embedded PDP mode

To configure PingAuthorize Server to use embedded PDP mode, set the PDP mode and assign to the Policy Decision Service either:

  • A deployment package store using the Deployment Manager functionality

    For more information on the deployment package store option and the requirements for the Deployment Manager feature, see Using the Deployment Manager.

  • An exported deployment package

    For more information, see Exporting a deployment package.