1. Download and unzip the new version of PingAuthorize Server in a location outside the existing server's installation.
    For these steps, assume the existing server installation is in /opt/pingauthorize/PingAuthorize and the new server version is extracted into /home/stage/PingAuthorize.
  2. Provide a copy of the PingAuthorize license file for the version to which you are upgrading in the /home/stage/PingAuthorize directory, or give the location of the license file to the tool using the --licenseKeyFile option.
  3. Run the update tool provided with the new server package to update the existing PingAuthorize Server.
    The update tool might prompt for confirmation on server configuration changes if it detects customization.
    /home/stage/PingAuthorize/update --serverRoot /opt/pingauthorize/PingAuthorize