To assign a deployment package store to the Policy Decision Service and set the policy decision point (PDP) mode to embedded:

  • Use dsconfig or the administrative console:
    • Run dsconfig with the set-policy-decision-service-prop option.
      dsconfig set-policy-decision-service-prop \
      --set pdp-mode:embedded \
      --set deployment-package-source-type:store \
      --set deployment-package-store:<name of the store>
    • Use the administrative console.
      1. In the administrative console, go to Configuration > Authorization and Policies > Policy Decision Service .
      2. On the Edit Policy Decision Service page, complete the General Configuration fields.
      3. In the Deployment Package Store Configuration section, in the Deployment Package Store field, select your deployment package store.
      4. In the Policy Request Configuration section, select a Trust Framework Version.
      5. Click Save To PingAuthorize Server Cluster.