When run without arguments, the config-diff tool produces a list of changes to the configuration, as compared to the server’s baseline or out-of-the-box configuration. Because this list captures the customizations of your server configuration, it is useful when you transition from a development environment to a staging or production environment.

$ PingAuthorize/bin/config-diff 
# No comparison arguments provided, so using "--sourceLocal --sourceTag postSetup --targetLocal" to compare the local configuration with the post-setup configuration.
# Run "config-diff --help" to get a full list of options and example usages.

# Configuration changes to bring source (config-postSetup.gz) to target (config.ldif)
# Comparison options:
#   Ignore differences on shared host
#   Ignore differences by instance
#   Ignore differences in configuration that is part of the topology registry

dsconfig create-external-server --server-name "DS API Server" --type api
--set base-url:https://localhost:1443 --set hostname-verification-method:allow-all --set "trust-manager-provider:Blind Trust" --set user-name:cn=root --set "password:AADaK6dtmjJQ7W+urtx9RGhSvKX9qCS8q5Q="

dsconfig create-external-server --server-name "FHIR Sandbox" --type api
--set base-url:https://fhir-open.sandboxcerner.com