Property Description

Defines the URI path prefix that the Sideband API uses to determine whether the Sideband API Endpoint handles a request.

The base-path property value can include parameters. If parameters are found and matched, they are included as attributes to policy requests.

The following configuration properties can reference parameters that base-path introduces:

  • service
  • resource-path
  • policy-request-attribute

Identifies the API service to the PDP. A policy can use this value to target requests.

The service value appears in the policy request as the service attribute. If undefined, the service value defaults to the name of the Sideband API Endpoint.


Identifies the REST resource to the PDP.

The resource path value appears in the policy request as the HttpRequest.ResourcePath attribute. If undefined, the resource-path value defaults to the portion of the request that follows the base path, as defined by base-path.


Defines zero or more static, arbitrary key-value pairs. If specified, the pairs are always added as attributes to policy requests.

These custom attributes appear in the policy request as fields of the Gateway attribute. For example, if a value of policy-request-attribute is foo=bar, the attribute is added to the policy request with the value bar.