1. To create a shared secret, run the following example dsconfig command, substituting values of your choosing.
    PingAuthorize/bin/dsconfig create-sideband-api-shared-secret \
      --secret-name "Shared Secret A" \
      --set "shared-secret:secret123"
    • The shared-secret property sets the value that the Sideband API requires the API gateway plugin to present. After you set this value, it is no longer visible.
    • The secret-name property is a label that allows an administrator to distinguish one Sideband API Shared Secret from another.
  2. To update the shared-secrets property, run the following example dsconfig command.
    PingAuthorize/bin/dsconfig set-http-servlet-extension-prop \
      --extension-name "Sideband API" \
      --add "shared-secrets:Shared Secret A"

    A new Sideband API Shared Secret is not used until the shared-secrets property of the Sideband API HTTP Servlet Extension is updated.