To change the authentication mode that a manually installed PingAuthorize Policy Editor uses, re-run the setup tool and choose a different authentication mode. This action overwrites the PingAuthorize Policy Editor's existing configuration.

  1. Stop the Policy Editor.
    $ bin/stop-server
  2. Run the setup command and select a different authentication mode.
    The modes are:
    • Demo mode

      Configures the PingAuthorize Policy Editor to use form-based authentication with a fixed set of credentials. Unlike OIDC mode, this mode does not require an external authentication server. However, it is inherently insecure and is recommended only for demonstration purposes.

    • OpenID Connect (OIDC) mode

      Configures the PingAuthorize Policy Editor to delegate authentication and sign-on services to an OpenID Connect provider, such as PingFederate.

    $ bin/setup
  3. Start the Policy Editor.
    $ bin/start-server