1. In the Policy Editor, click the Test tab at the top of the main pane to display the test interface.
  2. Fill out the Request section. The test uses this information to simulate the policy request that PingAuthorize Server makes when it receives an HTTP request.
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    { "active": true, "sub": "user.99@example.com" }

    The following image shows the test.

    Screen capture of the test request definition
  3. Click Execute.

    The policy test result displays. If the policy worked as expected, the leftmost result is red, indicating a DENY result.

    Screen capture of the test result
  4. (Optional.) Experiment with testing.

    Click the Testing Scenario tab and try different inputs to see how they policy result changes. For example, change the HttpRequest.AccessToken attribute value to { "active": true, "sub": "user.99@my-company.com" }. The policy result is now PERMIT, as shown in the following image.

    Screen capture of of the test result as a PERMIT