This following version of Docker is supported:

  • Docker 20.10.9

Increase your Docker memory limit to at least 4 GB. To change this setting, go to Docker Dashboard > Settings > Resources > Advanced.


Docker images for Ping Identity's on-premise server products are available on Ping Identity Docker Hub. For information about Docker deployments, visit the Ping Identity DevOps documentation. To start deploying images, see Get Started.

The following Docker containers are available.

Container Description Image


administrative console

Use the administrative console to configure PingAuthorize.

DockerHub: PingDataConsole


PingAuthorize Server

The server enforces the policies you define.

DockerHub: PingAuthorize


PingAuthorize Policy Editor

Use the Policy Editor to define the policies that determine access control and data protection.

DockerHub: PingAuthorizePAP



A directory of user information.


PingAuthorize does not require PingDirectory.

DockerHub: PingDirectory


Only the PingDataConsole, PingAuthorize, PingAuthorize PAP, and PingDirectory software is licensed under Ping Identity’s end user license agreement. Any other software components contained in the image are licensed solely under the terms of the applicable open source/third party license.

Ping Identity accepts no responsibility for the performance of any specific virtualization software and in no way guarantees the performance or interoperability of any virtualization software with its products.


The PingAuthorize administrative console is compatible with several different web browsers, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge