Description Details

Applicable to

All, although you can't apply the Modify Attributes advice directly to a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) search.

Also, do not use this advice type for SCIM modify operations. Instead, use the Modify SCIM Patch advice type.

Additional information

The payload for this advice is a JSON object. Each key-value pair is interpreted as an attribute modification on the request or response body of the request being authorized. For each pair, the key is a JSONPath expression that selects the attribute to modify, and the value is the new value to use for the selected attribute.

The value can be any valid JSON value, including a complex value such as an object or array. A null value removes the attribute from the body. Key-value pairs that do not already exist are added to the body, unless the value is null.

Format: { "$.jsonPath": "attributeValue" }