You must install the Policy Editor and the PingAuthorize server before enabling Camel services.

If your PingAuthorize implementation relies on Apache Camel, you can re-enable the service manually for both embedded and external policy decision point (PDP) modes.


If you upgrade an existing installation of PingAuthorize to version or later, and the earlier version was configured in embedded PDP mode with a deployment package containing Camel services, the upgraded PingAuthorize server will fail to start.

Because Ping Identity doesn't support Camel services, we provide this workaround as-is and for your convenience:

  1. In the PingAuthorize server distribution, copy the symphonic-camel-pdp-<version>.jar file from resource/camel to the lib folder.
  2. In the Policy Editor distribution, copy the symphonic-camel-pap-<version>.jar file from resource/camel to the admin-point-application/lib folder.
  3. In the Policy Editor distribution, add the - "camel-service" flag to enabledFeatures in the config/configuration.yml file.
    - "test-suite"
    - "entity-dependents"
    - "camel-service"
  4. Save your changes and restart the Policy Editor.

You should now be able to use Camel services to inform your authorization policy decisions in both external and embedded PDP modes.