Request Timeout

The number of milliseconds that PingAuthorize Server waits for the request to complete. If this time elapses before receiving a successful response, the server cancels request. If the server has retries configured, the server attempts the request again. If all requests fail to complete in time, the service result is an error that represents the timeout.

Number of Retries

If the initial request fails or times out, this value indicates the number of times PingAuthorize Server attempts the request again. To try the request only once, set this value to zero.


If the service responds with a 4xx error, PingAuthorize Server won't make any retry attempts.

Retry Strategy

Options are:
Fixed Interval (default)
PingAuthorize Server waits for the retry delay between each attempt to perform a service request.
Exponential Backoff
PingAuthorize Server waits for an exponentially increasing amount of time between attempts.

Initial Retry Delay

For Fixed Interval, this value represents the number of milliseconds that PingAuthorize Server waits between request attempts.

For Exponential Backoff, PingAuthorize Server multiplies this value by 2^n, where n represents the number of retries already made. For example, if the retry delay is 1000 and you have Exponential Backoff selected, PingAuthorize Server makes the initial request, then waits 1000ms before making a second attempt, 2000ms before the third attempt, 4000ms before the fourth attempt, and so on.

Delay Jitter

This setting is a percentage value that indicates the amount of variability to apply to the retry delay on each attempt. For example, if this value is set to 10%, the delays in the previous example are 1000±100ms, 2000±100ms, 4000±100ms, and so on.

Value Processors

Specify an optional processor to transform the resolved value. See Value processing.

Value Settings

These are required settings that are applied and describe the resolved value after any preprocessing. Set the Type field to String for plain text, or JSON or XML for those types, and so forth.


Select the Secret check box to mark a service’s response as secret and ensure this data is never leaked to log files.