1. In the PingAuthorize Policy Editor, go to Trust Framework and click Attributes.
  2. From the + menu, select Add new Attribute.
  3. For the name, replace Untitled with city.
  4. For Parent, select TokenOwner.
  5. Click the + next to Resolvers and click + Add Resolver.
  6. For Resolver type, select Attribute and specify a value of TokenOwner.
  7. Click the + next to Value Processors and click + Add Processor.
  8. For Processor, select JSON Path and specify a value of $.l[0]. (The LDAP attribute l represents locality.)
  9. For the processor's Value type, select String.
  10. For Value Settings, set the Type to String.
  11. Click Save changes.
    You have an attribute for the user's city, as shown in the following image.

    Screen capture of an attribute definition with a Resolver, Value Processor, and Value Setting configured as specified