1. Sign on to the Policy Editor.
  2. Go to Trust Framework and click Attributes.
  3. From the + menu, select Add new Attribute.
  4. For the name, replace Untitled with Sharing consent status.
  5. Click the + next to Resolvers.
  6. Click + Add Resolver.
  7. Set Resolver type to Service with a value of Search for consent to share game answers.
  8. Click the + next to Value Processors.
  9. Click + Add Processor.
  10. Set Processor to JSON Path with a value of $.status.
  11. Set Value type to String.

    The following image shows this configuration.

    Screen capture to show the definition of the Sharing consent status attribute, configured as specified
  12. Click Save changes.
The Sharing consent status attribute is available for use in policies.