1. Click Branch Manager.
  2. Click Merge Snapshot.
  3. Select the appropriate snapshot file from your system.
  4. Click Merge.

The system displays a Summary page that details the results of the merge.

In some cases, the merge function detects conflicts that arise when the current branch version of an entity differs from its snapshot version. For example, this situation might occur if you update one of the merged entities in your current branch and then try to re-merge the snapshot. In such a scenario, the system displays the following Merge Conflict Resolution page.

Screen capture of the Merge tab in the Policy Editor, demonstrating the merge conflice resolution process when merging a snapshot

For each conflict detected, you can choose whether to keep your local changes or to overwrite them with the changes from the merged snapshot.

Screen capture of the Keep mine and Keep Snapshot's options for an individual item, which you can select between to resolve a merge conflict when merging a snapshot

After you resolve the conflicts, click Merge.