1. To add an environment:
    1. Click Add Environment on the Environments page.
    2. Connect to PingFederate using your PingFederate Admin credentials. Click Next.
    3. On the Name Environment page, complete the Name, Short Code, and Description fields.
    4. Optional: To prevent non-administrators from promoting applications to the environment, select the Protect checkbox.
    5. Click Save and Continue.
    6. To upload an identity provider certificate for SAML applications, click Choose and enter the certificate password in the appropriate field. Click Save and Close.
      The environment displays on the Environments page. If you chose to protect the environment, a shield icon displays next to its name.
  2. To view and edit environment information:
    1. Click the expandable icon associated with the environment to view environment details. You will see:

      • A link to PingFederate.
      • A description of the environment.
      • The total number of applications hosted on this environment and a breakdown of OAuth/OIDC clients and SAML SP connections. Click these links to access filtered lists of these applications on the Applications page.
        Example of an IAM Administrator's Environments screen, which lists all of the PingCentral environments and displays details regarding each environment when the associated expandable icon is clicked.
    2. To edit the environment information, click the pencil icon.
      All of the editable information displays on one page. Update it as necessary.
    3. To update the identity provider certificate used to promote SAML applications, click Choose to upload a new certificate, and then enter the certificate password in the appropriate field.
    4. Click Save.
  3. To delete an environment from PingCentral, click its associated trash can icon.