This functionality is not available for applications created with version 1.2 templates, and only applies to applications created with version 1.3 templates.

To upgrade a version 1.2 application to a version 1.3 application, edit the application and apply a template created in version 1.3 to it.

  1. On the Applications page, locate the application you want to revert to a previously promoted version.
  2. Click the expandable icon associated with the application, select the Promote tab and then the View Details link associated with the promotion.
  3. On the Promotion Details window, click the Revert Application button.
    A message displays asking you if you are sure you want to revert this application.
  4. Click the Revert button.
    The reverted version of the application displays at the top of your applications list open to the Promote tab.

    When OAuth and OIDC applications are reverted to previously promoted versions client secrets are overridden, so you will need to create or generate new secrets before you promote them again.

    When SAML applications are reverted to previously promoted versions, Entity IDs, ACS URLs, and certificates are also overridden, so you might need to update this information before you promote them again.