To set up MySQL, you must have the privileges required to access the pingcentral schema and configure the database.
Note: if you choose to migrate from the PingCentral H2 database to a MySQL database, you will lose all of your PingCentral data, including your environments, templates, environments, and promotion history information. However, data residing in PingFederate, PingAccess, and other Ping products will not be affected.
  1. Locate and download the appropriate MySQL connector. For example, you can download the platform independent Java connector from https://
  2. Place the MySQL connector in the following location: /<pingcentral_install>/ext-lib/.
  3. Update the /<pingcentral_install>/conf/ file to point to the new MySQL database:

    • Update the datasource URL to your location. For example:
    • Update the user name and password, if necessary. For example:
    • Update the driver class name, if necessary. For example:
  4. Restart PingCentral so the changes take effect.