Ensure that:

  • You are logged on to your system and have privileges that allow you to install applications. Run PingCentral as a non-root user.
  • All system requirements are met, and the Oracle Java 11 LTS runtime environment is installed.
  • The JAVA_HOME path points to the JDK software on your system.. For example, /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk- To verify this information, run the echo $JAVA_HOME command.
  • The Java /bin directory path is added to the PATH variable. To verify this information, run the echo $PATH command.
  1. Download the installation script into your installation directory.
  2. Download the distribution .zip file into your installation directory.
  3. Run the following installation scripts:
    • chmod +x ./<pingcentral_install>/pingcentral-install.sh
    • sudo -E ./<pingcentral_install>/pingcentral-install.sh
  4. Follow the installation prompts and accept the default values or specify your preferences. You can change the port and add or replace PingCentral services.
  5. When the installation is complete, open a browser window and enter the machine and PingCentral admin port in the URL field. For example, https://yourhost:9022.
    PingCentral is installed as a systemd service from the PINGCENTRAL_HOME directory.
  6. Start PingCentral by running /<pingcentral_install>/bin/run.sh, or by running the systemd service command, systemctl pingcentral-# start.
    Note: The pingcentral-# is specified during the installation.
  7. Log in to the application using the following credentials:

    • Username: Administrator
    • Password: 2Federate

    Without modification, PingCentral is secure by default. However, if you want to use self-signed server certificates, root certificates, intermediate certificates, and certificates from a private certificate authorities, create a PingCentral-specific truststore and configure PingCentral to access it. Refer to Creating and configuring trust for instructions.

  8. Configure PingCentral to run as a Linux systemv service or a Linux systemd service, as appropriate. Refer to Configuring PingCentral to run as a Linux systemv service or Configuring PingCentral to run as a Linux systemd service.