To keep your applications secure, rotate certificates and client secrets on a regular basis, and apply updated security configurations to applications built from templates if new configuration templates become available. There is no need to recreate your applications in PingCentral to apply new templates. You can just replace the templates associated with your applications and promote them again.
  1. Click the expandable icon associated with the application you want to update, and then click the Pencil icon.
    All of the editable information displays on one page.
  2. To update application names, descriptions, and owners:
    1. Enter the new information in the Name, Description, and Owners fields.
    2. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  3. To update information used to add your application to PingCentral, you can:
    • Change the template for OAuth or OIDC applications:
      • Click Change Template.
      • On the Select Template page, select the new template and click Save and Close.
      Note: You cannot apply a SAML template to an OAuth or OIDC application, or apply an OAuth or OIDC template to a SAML application.
    • Update the scopes associated with OAuth or OIDC applications:
      Select or clear scopes by selecting or clearing the appropriate check boxes and clicking Save.
      Note: You cannot edit scopes for applications created in version 1.2. However, you can update the template associated with the application to a template created in version 1.3, which will allow you to update scope information.

    • Change the template for SAML applications:
      • Click Change Template.
      • On the Select Template page, select the new template and click Next.
      • On the Map Attributes page, map the application attributes to the identity attributes required to fulfill the authentication policy contract in PingFederate.
      • Click Save and Close.
    • Update the attribute mapping information, which can be done directly in the edit page. When finished, click Save.
  4. To update information you provided to promote your application, you can:
    • Update redirect URIs for OAuth and OIDC applications:
      • Enter the new information in the Redirect URIs fields.
      • Click Save.
    • Update client secrets:

      Return to the Applications page, repromote the application, and generate a new secret.

    • Update SAML application information:
      • Enter new information in the Entity ID or ACS URL fields.
      • Click SP Certificate to upload a new certificate, or click Remove to remove it.
      • Provide an .xml file that contains service provider metadata, such as the Entity ID, ACS URL, certificates, and attribute information, from another SAML application. Click Choose File or Or Use URL to provide the metadata file.

        If metadata is used, the attribute mapping section might also need to be updated to include new attributes from the metadata file.

      • Click Save.