Ensure that:

  • You are logged on to your system and have privileges that allow you to install applications.
  • All system requirements are met, and the Oracle Java 11 LTS runtime environment is installed.
  • The JAVA_HOME path points to the JDK software on your system. For example, /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk- To verify this information, run the echo $JAVA_HOME command.
  • The Java /bin directory path is added to the PATH variable. To verify this information, run the $echo $PATH command.
  1. Download the distribution .zip file and extract its contents in a place where you want the service run.
  2. Navigate to /<pingcentral_install>/bin/run.bat and run run.bat from a command-line interface.
  3. Open a web browser and go to https://localhost:9022.
    Note: As you are running PingCentral locally, your browser might warn you that the application you are accessing does not have a signed certificate.
  4. Log in to PingCentral using the following credentials:

    • Username: Administrator
    • Password: 2Federate

    Without modification, PingCentral is secure by default. However, if you want to use self-signed server certificates, root certificates, intermediate certificates, and certificates from a private certificate authorities, create a PingCentral-specific truststore and configure PingCentral to access it. Refer to Creating and configuring trust for instructions.

  5. Configure PingCentral to run as a Windows service, if appropriate. Refer to Configuring PingCentral to run as a Windows service.