Ensure that:

  • You are logged on to your system as a root user.
  • The JAVA_HOME path points to the JDK software on your system. For example, usr/java/jdk11.0_4.
  • The PINGCENTRAL_HOME path points to the folder extracted from the .zip file in your installation directory. Ensure that this path does not reside within a user's home folder.
  1. Copy the pingcentral.service configuration file from $PINGCENTRAL_HOME/sbin/linux/pingcentral.service to /lib/systemd/system/pingcentral.service.

    You can also copy this file to the /etc/systemd/system location, if appropriate

  2. Open the pingcentral.service file and assign appropriate values to the following variables:

    • PINGCENTRAL_HOME: Labeled "WorkingDirectory."
    • PINGCENTRAL_USER: Labeled "User."
    • JAVA_HOME: Labeled "Environment."
  3. Enable read and write activity for the service using the chmod 644 /lib/systemd/system/pingcentral.service command.
    If you copied this file to the /etc/systemd/system location in step 1, use this command instead: chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/pingcentral.service.
  4. Load the systemd service using the systemctl daemon-reload command.
  5. Enable the service using the systemctl enable pingcentral.service command.
  6. Start the service using the systemctl start pingcentral.service command.