1. To edit environment information, click the expandable icon associated with it, and then click the Pencil icon.
    All of the editable information displays on one page.
  2. On the edit page:
    • To update the name and description, change the information in the Name, Short Code, and Description fields and click Save.
    • To update the connection information for either a PingFederate or PingAccess environment, change the information in the Username and Password fields and click Save.

      If a PingAccess environment is added to PingCentral and removed through the edit page, the connection information is saved and restored if the PingAccess environment is selected again.

    • To add or remove the protected status of an environment, which prevents non-administrators from promoting applications to the environment, select or clear the Only Administrators Can Promote Applications check box and click Save.
    • To update the identity provider certificate used to promote SAML applications, click Choose to upload a new certificate and enter the certificate password in the appropriate field. Click Save.