Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PASS-909 If you have only one person with an Administrator role, you can no longer change that person's role to Application Owner.
PASS-1620 Previously, a blank white screen would occasionally display instead of the intended details when the View Client Details link in the Promotion History section of the page was clicked. This issue has been resolved.
PASS-2296 The PingCentral download location in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer is now correct.


Having the Username field empty during the login process no longer results in a server error.

Known issues

Ticket ID Description
PASS-1552 When updating a user's role, the Discard Changes button does not currently work.
PASS-1998 When an OAuth/OIDC application is promoted from PingCentral to PingFederate, the secret is captured and saved. If this application is removed from PingCentral and a new application is created with the same name, promotions to PingFederate will use the client secret provided for the original application instead of the new secret that was provided in the new application. There is currently no way to retrieve the secret that was provided for the original promotion.
PASS-2090 If SSO is configured for PingCentral and PingFederate is unavailable, PingCentral will fail to start. If this occurs, determine why PingFederate is unavailable, resolve the issue, and restart PingCentral.
PASS-2097 When SSO is enabled, an administrator is able to update and add users to PingCentral via the User Management page, even though it has no effect.
PASS-2122 When modifying an environment, if an identity provider certificate is added or updated, and then the PingFederate admin password is updated, the cursor will jump down to the IDP Certificate Password field each time a key is pressed.
PASS-2496 Updating the log4j2.xml file has no effect. As a workaround, update logging levels through the file.