Spring Actuator data and Spring Metrics can be accessed at their respective endpoints:
  • https://localhost:9022/actuator/
  • https://localhost:9022/actuator/metrics

Actuator data includes:

Endpoint Usage

Displays a list of the Spring beans in PingCentral.


Displays a list of available caches.


Displays the conditions that were evaluated on configuration and auto-configuration.


Displays a list of configuration properties.


Displays a list of environment properties.


Returns a list of environments in PingCentral and their connectivity statuses.

/environmentConnectivity/ <environmentName>

Returns connectivity status of the specified environment.


Displays health check information regarding PingCentral.


Used to perform a heap dump.


Displays general information about PingCentral, such as the vendor and version number.


Displays information regarding database migrations that have been applied.


Displays the logger configuration for PingCentral.


Displays a collated list of all @RequestMapping paths.


Displays the scheduled tasks within PingCentral.


Used to perform a thread dump.

Metrics data includes a wide variety of information, such as the amount of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) memory used, the number of Jetty threads used, and the amount of time it takes to complete processes. Counters and timers are also available for most API endpoints. Counters count the number of times an endpoint is hit, and timers measure the amount of time it takes for events to occur.

Spring Metrics collects a large amount of data, but it does not present the data in ways that are easy to understand. Consequently, many choose to move this data to either a Prometheus or Graphite time series database and use Grafana to view it through interactive dashboards with charts and graphs.

Because Graphite supports only counters, but Prometheus supports both counters and timers, Prometheus is the preferred choice. See the following topics for instructions on setting up one of these time series databases to communicate with PingCentral:

See Setting up Grafana for instructions on connecting it to either Graphite or Prometheus.