Import your proprietary certificate into PingCentral by uploading the PKCS12 file that contains it.
  1. Select the Setting tab..
  2. Expand the Security menu and select TLS Key Pair.
    The TSK Key Pair page displays information about the key pair, including its status and expiration date.
    Example of the TLS Key Pair page.
  3. To import a new key pair, click Import Key Pair.
  4. On the Import Key Pair window, click Choose PKCS12 File and select the .p12 file to upload it.
  5. In the File Password field, enter the password to the keystore file.
  6. In the Alias field, specify the alias of the certificate in the keystore file that you want to use for the Admin Console SSL Certificate, if required.
    • If the .p12 file being imported for TLS key pair contains a single alias, PingCentral accepts the file without requiring an alias.
    • If the .p12 file being imported for TLS key pair contains multiple aliases, PingCentral requires the alias.
  7. In the Key Password field, enter the password for the selected certificate if the PKCS12 file requires a separate password for the key.
  8. Click Import.
  9. Restart PingCentral.
    After PingCentral restarts, you will be able to access PingCentral without receiving a certificate warning.