Upgrade Consideration

Important consideration for upgrading to this version of PingDataGovernance Server:

  • If you are updating a multi-server topology from PingDataGovernance 7.0.x to, you must use the --skipMirroredSubtreeUpdateTask option for the updater or the update fails. Alternatively, you can uninstall all but one of the servers to retain the base configuration, update the standalone server, install fresh servers on the new version, and add them back to the topology with the peer options. However, using the --skipMirroredSubtreeUpdateTask option is the recommended path.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDataGovernance Server:

Ticket ID Description

Added a cn=Server Status Timeline,cn=monitor monitor entry to track a history of the local server's last 100 status changes and their timestamps.

Updated the LDAP external server monitor to include attributes that track health-check state changes for external servers. The new attributes include the following information:

  • Number of times a health-check transition has occurred
  • Timestamps of the most recent transitions
  • Messages associated with the most recent transitions
DS-37504, DS-38765, DS-39011 Fixed an issue in the Passthrough SCIM resource type that could cause an access token validator's token subject lookup to fail if the user store was unavailable when PingDataGovernance Server was started. This issue typically manifested as a SCIM schema error in the debug trace log, such as "Attribute uid in path uid is undefined."
DS-39176, DS-39308

Updated the Groovy scripting language version to 2.5.7. For a list of changes, go to groovy-lang.org and view the Groovy 2.5 Release Notes.

As of this release, only the core Groovy runtime and the groovy-json module are bundled with the server. To deploy a Groovy-scripted Server SDK extension that requires a Groovy module not bundled with the server, such as groovy-xml or groovy-sql, download the appropriate JAR file from groovy-lang.org and place it in the server's lib/extensions directory.

DS-39564 Fixed an issue in which the gateway responded with a 404 for requests that were handled by a Gateway API Endpoint with an inbound-base-path of "/".
DS-39593 Fixed an issue in which policy decision logs contained content that the Policy Administration GUI Log Visualizer considered invalid.