These statistics can be for any combination of the following servlet extensions:
  • gateway
  • scim2
  • sideband-api
The provided statistics come in pairs.
  • One statistic represents the average latency introduced by PingDataGovernance during the current log interval in microseconds. The calculation is total time to respond to a request less the time spent waiting for the upstream server.
  • The other statistic represents the number of requests made during the current log interval.

These pairs exist for every (service, action) combination for the SCIM2 and Sideband API servlet extensions and for every (service, HTTP method) combination for the Gateway servlet extension.

To log these statistics, complete these steps.

  1. Enable the Periodic Stats Logger as explained in Enabling the Stats Logger.
  2. Set the included-http-servlet-stat property as explained in Configuring multiple Periodic Stats Loggers.