When configured to use embedded PDP mode, a policy file, called a deployment package, is exported from the Policy Administration GUI and loaded into PingDataGovernance Server’s internal policy engine, which then handles all policy requests.

Because embedded PDP mode does not require PingDataGovernance Server to call out to an external server, it is considerably more performant than external PDP mode. However, any policy changes require a new deployment package to be exported and loaded, so embedded PDP mode is generally unsuited for rapid policy development.

Configure embedded PDP mode

To configure PingDataGovernance Server to use embedded PDP mode, assign a deployment package to the Policy Decision Service and set the PDP mode.

dsconfig set-policy-decision-service-prop \
  --set pdp-mode:embedded \
  --set "deployment-package</path/to/my-deployment-package.SDP"

In this example, the deployment-package value is the full path to a deployment package file.

To create a deployment package, see Exporting a deployment package.