Upgrade considerations

  • Peer setup and clustered configuration are deprecated and will be removed in PingDataGovernance 9.0. If you plan to upgrade to PingDataGovernance 8.0 at some point, consider using server profiles to manage server configuration. Introduced in PingDataGovernance 8.0, server profiles support deployment best practices such as automation and Infrastructure-asCode (IaC). For more information about server profiles, see the PingDataGovernance Server Administration Guide for PingDataGovernance 8.0 or later

  • If you are updating a multi-server topology from PingDataGovernance 7.0.x to, you must use the --skipMirroredSubtreeUpdateTask option for the updater or the update fails. Alternatively, you can uninstall all but one of the servers to retain the base configuration, update the standalone server, install fresh servers on the new version, and add them back to the topology with the peer options. However, using the --skipMirroredSubtreeUpdateTask option is the recommended path.

Critical fixes

This release has no critical fixes.