Upgrade Consideration

Important consideration for upgrading to this version of PingDataGovernance Server:

  • If you are updating a multi-server topology from PingDataGovernance 7.0.x to, you must use the --skipMirroredSubtreeUpdateTask option for the updater or the update fails. Alternatively, you can uninstall all but one of the servers to retain the base configuration, update the standalone server, install fresh servers on the new version, and add them back to the topology with the peer options. However, using the --skipMirroredSubtreeUpdateTask option is the recommended path.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDataGovernance Server:

Ticket ID Description

Fixed an issue that could cause the server to leak a small amount of memory each time it failed to establish an LDAP connection to another server.

DS-40371, DS-40382, DS-40427

SCIM 2 search responses can now be authorized and filtered with an optimized authorization mode that uses a single policy request to process an entire result set. This authorization mode is optional. By default, the server creates a policy request for each member of a result set.

This authorization mode is enabled on a per-request basis. To enable, a policy that targets the SCIM2 service and the search action must provide an advice with the ID combine-scim-search-authorizations but with no payload. The subsequent search response is then authorized by using a single policy request with the 'SCIM2' service and the search-results action. If advices are returned in the policy results, they are applied iteratively to each SCIM resource in the result set.

For more information, see the PingDataGovernance Server Administration Guide.