Critical Fixes

This release of the Data Governance Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

  • Addressed an issue that could lead to slow, off-heap memory growth. This only occurred on servers whose cn=Version,cn=monitor entry was retrieved frequently.

    • Fixed in:
    • Introduced in:
    • Support identifiers: DS-41301
  • The following enhancements were made to the topology manager to make it easier to diagnose the connection errors:
    • Added monitoring information for all the failed outbound connections (including the time since it has been failing and the last error message seen when the failure occurred) from a server to one of its configured peers and the number of failed outbound connections.
    • Added alarms/alerts for when a server fails to connect to a peer server within a configured grace period.
    • Fixed in:
    • Introduced in:
    • Support identifiers: DS-38334 SF#00655578
  • The topology manager now raises a mirrored-subtree-manager-connection-asymmetry alarm when a server can establish outbound connections to its peer servers, but those peer servers cannot establish connections back to the server within the configured grace period. The alarm is cleared when connection symmetry is achieved.

    • Fixed in:
    • Introduced in:
    • Support identifiers: DS-38344 SF#00655578
  • Fixed two issues in which the server could have exposed some clear-text passwords in files on the server file system.

    • Fixed in:
    • Introduced in:
    • Support identifiers: DS-38897 DS-38908

Upgrade Considerations

Peer setup and clustered configuration are deprecated and will be removed in PingDataGovernance 9.0. We encourage deployers to manage server configuration using server profiles, which support deployment best practices such as automation and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). For more information about server profiles, see the PingDataGovernance Server Administration Guide.

For more considerations, see PingDataGovernance Server Release Notes.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the Data Governance Server:

Ticket ID Description

Fixed an issue where some state associated with a JMX connection was not freed after the connection was closed. This led to a slow memory leak in servers that were monitored by an application that created a new JMX connection each polling interval.


Fixed an issue with the manage-profile tool where files in a server profile's dsconfig/ directory without a .dsconfig extension could cause failures in manage-profile replace-profile when validating updated dsconfig files.


Fixed an issue where POLICY REQUEST-SKIPPED messages were being logged when response processing was not skipped by the Gateway, rather than when it was skipped.


Upgrade to Jetty 9.4.30.