Enterprises can integrate the following Consent Service features into their applications to give users transparency and control of their data privacy:

  • The collection of consent from application users
  • The enforcement of consent
  • A user's management of his or her consent
  • Auditing of consent actions

The following terms are used throughout this guide:

A list of individuals for whom access to this consent record is shared.
Consent definition
The terms of the fine-grained contract, which describes the data that can be processed or shared, and a purpose for processing or sharing the data. The consent definition is stored in the server configuration.
Consent localization
A child object of a definition that contains versioned, localized text for the consent definition, to be used when prompting an individual. This is stored in the server configuration.
Consent record
A record of a consent interaction with a user. Consent records are stored in the directory tree.
The individual whose data can be collected, processed, or shared.
The individual who granted, denied, or revoked consent. This is usually the same as the subject.
The entity, application, or service that is granted or denied access to a subject's data for a specific purpose.