To enable the Delegated Admin user REST resource type certificate upload feature using the PingData administrative console:

  1. In the Web Services and Applications list, select REST Resource Types.
  2. In the REST Resource Types list, select your user REST resource type.
  3. Go to Delegated Admin Attributes and click New Delegated Admin Attribute.
  4. In the New Delegated Admin Attribute list, select Certificate Delegated Admin Attribute.

    Screen capture showing the Delegated Admin New Attribute list with the Certificate Delegated Admin Attribute highlighted.
  5. In the Attribute Type field, enter the attribute type, such as userCertificate.
  6. Enter a Display Name for the attribute.
  7. Keep the default values for Mutability.
  8. Optional: To allow multiple files to be uploaded for one user, enable Multi Valued.
  9. Enter a Display Order Index or keep the default, 0.
  10. In the Allowed MIME Type list, select your desired allowed MIME file types in the Available column, and use the arrows to add your selections to the Selected column.

    Screen capture showing the Delegated Admin new certificate attribute Allowed Mime Type Available and Selected columns with the selection arrows highlighted.
  11. Click Save.