In the Delegated Admin GUI, the left navigation pane provides a Reporting tab under the top-level sections, such as Users and Groups.

Administrators can also use the Reporting page to upload users and group members in bulk with a .csv file. The .csv file should contain headers with the exact attribute names of the users resource type. Users can be uploaded with missing info for some of the attributes but the required attributes must be present and specified. For a group administrator, uploading users will also add them to the appropriate group. Click Upload on the Reporting page and select a .csv file to upload.

On each Reporting tab, you can:

  • Filter the columns or attributes to display.
  • Filter the users returned, such as all users with the first name John. Only exact matches are returned.
  • Sort columns by clicking the column name.
  • To apply filters to the report, click Run.
  • To download the report as currently filtered and sorted, click Download Report.
  • To clear any filtering and sorting, click Reset.