You must:

  • Have an existing PingDirectory server topology.
  • Ensure that more than 50% of servers in the topology and the new server are online.

The commands are identical for initial enablement between two servers where one server contains data for the replication domain stored in the userRoot backend. If database encryption is being used on the servers in the topology, the server being initialized must have a copy of the encryption-settings backend from the source server.

  1. To enable replication for the base distinguished name (DN), or base DNs, run dsreplication enable using an existing server as host1 and the new server as host2.
    $ bin/dsreplication enable \
      --host1 --port1 1389 \
      --bindDN1 "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPassword1 password \
      --replicationPort1 8989 --host2 --port2 1389 \
      --bindDN2 "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPassword2 password \
      --replicationPort2 8989 --baseDN dc=example,dc=com --adminUID admin \
      --adminPassword password --no-prompt
  2. Optional: To compare the configurations between the two hosts used in the dsreplication enable command, run config-diff.

    Ensure settings are consistent across the topology and are also consistent with the new system.

    $ bin/config-diff --sourceLocal \
      --targetHost \
      --targetBindDN "cn=directory manager" \
      --targetBindPassword pass --targetPort 1389