If you need administrative actions to update a property, the server returns 200 Success. Any actions are returned in the urn:unboundid:schemas:configuration:messages:2.0 section of the JSON response that represents the entire object that was created or modified.

For example, changing the jeProperty of a backend results in the following:

"urn:unboundid:schemas:configuration:messages:2.0": {       
    "required-actions": [          
       "property": "baseContextPath",            
       "type": ""componentRestart",            
       "synopsis": "In order for this modification to take effect, the component
                  must be restarted, either by disabling and re-enabling it, or
                  by restarting the server"           
        "property": {
        "type": "other",
        "synopsis": "If this limit is increased, then the
                 contents of the backend must be exported to LDIF
                 and re-imported to allow the new limit to be used
                 for any id2children keys that had already hit the
                 previous limit."