Tokenizing the common parent DNs allows you to increase space usage efficiency when encoding entries for storage.

By default, PingDirectory generates tokens for the following:

  • Base DNs for the backend, such as dc=example,dc=com
  • Any compact-common-parent-dn values defined in the server configuration
  • ou=People,<base dn>
  • ou=Groups,<base dn>

The tokens are generated in this order. You can also define additional common base DNs to be tokenized.

  • Use the following configuration to tokenize two branches: ou=people,dc=example,dc=com and ou=customers,dc=example,dc=com.
    $ bin/dsconfig set-backend-prop --backend-name userRoot \ 
      --add "compact-common-parent-dn:ou=people,dc=example,dc=com" \ 
      --add "compact-common-parent-dn:ou=customers,dc=example,dc=com"