To apply a server profile to an unconfigured server, use the setup subcommand, which replaces the normal setup tool when using a server profile. Run manage-profile setup to do the following:

  1. Copy the server-root/pre-setup files to the server root.
  2. Apply changes for any batch files contained in the pre-setup-dsconfig directory.
  3. Run the setup tool.
  4. Copy the server-root/post-setup files to the server root.
  5. Install any Server SDK extensions.
  6. Apply changes for any dsconfig batch files.
  7. Import any LDIF files contained in the ldif directory structure.
  8. Start the server.

manage-profile setup creates a copy of the profile in a temporary directory specified by the --tempProfileDirectory option. The tool leaves the server running upon completion unless you use the --doNotStart option.