Name forms can be specified with existing schema components and don't require additional code for implementation.

The following formal specification for attribute types is provided in RFC 4512, section

NameFormDescription = "(" wsp
numericoid                  ; object identifier
[ sp "NAME" sp qdescrs ]    ; short name descriptor
[ sp "DESC" sp qdstring ]   ; description
[ sp "OBSOLETE" ]           ; not active
sp "OC" sp oid              ; structural object class
sp "MUST" SP oids           ; attribute types
[ sp "MAY" sp oids ]        ; attribute types
extensions wsp ")"          ; extensions followed by a white space and ")"

The following extensions are specific to the PingDirectory server and aren't defined in RFC 4512.

extensions = / 
"X-ORIGIN" /             ; Specifies where the attribute type is defined
"X-SCHEMA-FILE" /        ; Specifies which schema file contains the definition
"X-READ-ONLY"            ; True or False. Specifies if the file that contains 
                         ;   the schema element is marked as read-only in
                         ;   the server configuration.