Using the dsconfig command - PingDirectory - 10.0

PingDirectory 10.0

PingDirectory 10.0
PingDirectory 10.0

Follow these instructions to upgrade your license using the dsconfig command in interactive or non-interactive mode. The dsconfig command is located in <server-root>/bin.

In interactive mode

  1. Run the dsconfig command-line tool.
  2. Select License from the Topology section of the menu.
  3. Select View and edit the license from the menu.
  4. Enter 1 to edit the directory-platform-license-key property.
    You should see a message like the following:
    The value of 'directory-platform-license-key' has been written to the file below.  You can edit and save the file,
    return here, and choose 'finish' to import the changes:
  5. Open the new license file in a text editor.
  6. Overwrite the contents of the temporary file specified by the dsconfig tool with the contents of the new license.
  7. Save your changes.

In non-interactive mode

  1. Enter the following command, providing the path to the new license and making sure to preserve the "<" angle bracket and the double-quotes:
    dsconfig set-license-prop \
    --set "directory-platform-license-key<<path_to_new_file.lic>"
  2. Confirm that the command completed successfully.