You must specifically configure the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), syslog, and admin alert log publishers using dsconfig before they appear in the list of log publishers.

  • To view the log publishers, run dsconfig with the list-log-publishers subcommand.
    $ bin/dsconfig list-log-publishers
    Log Publisher                                : Type              : enabled
    Debug ACI Logger                             : debug-access      : false
    Expensive Operations Access Logger           : file-based-access : false
    Failed Operations Access Logger              : file-based-access : true
    File-Based Access Logger                     : file-based-access : true
    File-Based Audit Logger                      : file-based-audit  : false
    File-Based Debug Logger                      : file-based-debug  : false
    File-Based Error Logger                      : file-based-error  : true
    Replication Repair Logger                    : file-based-error  : true
    Successful Searches with No Entries Returned : file-based-access : false