You provide clients access to a specific portion of the DIT creating a subtree view and assigning it to a client connection policy. You can configure subtree views from the command line or using the administrative console.

When you create a subtree view, you provide the following information to configure its properties:

  • Subtree view name
  • Base DN managed by the subtree view
  • Request processor used by the subtree view to route requests. If one does not exist already, you will create a new one.
  1. Use dsconfig to configure a subtree view.
  2. In the PingDirectoryProxy server's main menu, enter the number associated with subtree view configuration.
  3. In the Subtree View menu, enter the number corresponding to creating a new subtree view.
  4. Enter a name for the subtree view.
  5. Enter the base DN of the subtree managed by this subtree view.
    Enter a value for the ‘base-dn’ property:dc=example,dc=com
  6. Select a request processor for this subtree view to route requests or make the appropriate selection to create a new one.
    Select a Request Processor for the ‘request-processor’ property:
    1) dc_example_dc_com-req-processor
    2) Create a new Request Processor
    ?) help
    c) cancel
    q) quit
    Enter choice [c]: 1  
  7. Review the properties of the subtree view. If you are satisfied, enter f to finish.
    >>>> Configure the properties of the Subtree View
     >>>> via creating '' Subtree View
            Property           Value(s)
        1)  description        -
        2)  base-dn            "dc=example,dc=com"
        3)  request-processor  dc_example_dc_com-req-processor
        ?)  help
        f)  finish - create the new Subtree View
        d)  display the equivalent dsconfig arguments to create 
            this object
        b)  back
        q)  quit
    After they have been configured, you can assign one or more subtree views to any client connection policies.