To configure subtree views for the PingDirectoryProxy server:

  1. In the Configuration main menu, enter the number corresponding to Subtree View.
  2. In the Subtree View menu, enter the number corresponding to Create a new Subtree View.
  3. Enter the option to create the new subtree view from an existing subtree.
  4. Select the dc_example_dc_com-view subtree view.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the subtree view configuration.
  6. Configure the base distinguished name (DN) property of the Sample Corporation data set.
  7. Enter the request processor created in Creating a request processor to manage the proxy transformations.
  8. To save the changes, press f.
    >>>> Configure the properties of the Subtree View
            Property           Value(s)
        1)  description        -
        2)  base-dn            "o=sample"
        3)  request-processor  o_sample-req-processor
        ?)  help
        f)  finish - create the new Subtree View
        d)  display the equivalent dsconfig arguments to create this
        b)  back
        q) quit