Because the server does not support maintaining a mix of compressed and uncompressed content for the same log, it can only be enabled when creating a new logger. When creating a new logger in which you want to compress the content, use the following configuration property:

Indicates the type of compression that should be used when writing log files. Available values include:
  • none — Do not use compression for the log files.
  • gzip — Compress the log files using the gzip compression algorithm.

Because the PingDirectory server allows you to create any number of loggers of the same type, you might want to maintain both compressed and uncompressed versions of the same content. The compressed version of the logger can have rotation and retention policies allowing for keeping a larger amount of log data for a longer period of time. The uncompressed version of the logger can keep a smaller amount of log content so that it is easier to find information about recent client interaction or other content without needing to decompress any files. However, both the search-logs and summarize-access-log tools transparently support operating on compressed log files.