PingDataSync provides a suite of tools to configure a single server instance or a group of servers. All configuration changes to the server are recorded in the config-audit.log. Before configuring PingDataSync, review Configuration components.

Topics include:

Configuration checklist

Sync user account

Configure PingDataSync in standard mode

Using the Configuration API

Configuration with the dsconfig tool

Topology configuration

Domain Name Service (DNS) caching

IP address reverse name lookups

Configure the synchronization environment with dsconfig

Prepare external server communication

HTTP connection handlers

The resync command

The realtime-sync tool

Configure the PingDirectory server backend for synchronizing deletes

Configure DN maps

Configure synchronization with JSON attribute values

Configure fractional replication

Configure failover behavior

Configure traffic through a load balancer

Configure authentication with a SASL external certificate

Configure an LDAPv3 Sync Source

Server SDK extensions