PingDataSync supports synchronization of attributes that hold JSON objects. The following scenarios are supported:

  • Synchronizing a JSON attribute to another JSON attribute - A subset of fields can be synchronized, optionally retaining fields that appear at the destination but not at the source.
  • Synchronizing a JSON attribute to a non-JSON attribute - A single field of the JSON value can be extracted with a constructed attribute mapping.
  • Synchronizing a non-JSON attribute to a JSON attribute - The source value can be escaped so that it ensures the JSON value is properly formatted.
  • Attribute correlation - A JSON field can be used when correlating a destination entry with a source entry.

The following examples show configuration scenarios based on the LDAP ubidEmailJSON attribute, which has fields of value, type, primary, and verified:

ubidEmailJSON: {"value" : "",
                "type" : "home",
                "primary" : true,
                "verified" : true}