This section describes limitations and other constraints to consider when synchronizing changes from a PingOne environment.

Bidirectional synchronization

If you plan on configuring bidirectional synchronization between PingOne and PingDirectory, make sure that you satisfy the following conditions:

  • Use separate worker apps for the source and destination.
  • To prevent the unnecessary duplication of changes, add the client ID of the destination worker app to the actor-id-to-ignore configuration attribute of the source.
  • To ensure that no attribute mappings are mismatched, modify the reference dsconfig batch files.

Password synchronization

PingDataSync does not support the synchronizing of passwords from PingOne.

Population management

If your PingOne environment features a large number of populations, or if you want to limit synchronized users to a specific set of populations, provide one or more population-to-synchronize configuration attributes to the source. The name or ID of the population can be used.

Synchronization delay

PingDataSync propagates changes throughout PingOne nearly in real time. However, a delay might occur between the time a change occurs in PingOne and the time it becomes available for PingDataSync to synchronize. To help ensure that no changes are missed, a default delay of 5 seconds has been configured within the sync source. For environments of sufficient size or with high rates of change, use the configuration attribute realtime-sync-polling-offset on the sync source to increase the delay.