PingDataSync provides a standard set of default log files to monitor the server activity. View this set of logs in the <server-root>/logs directory. The following default log files are available.

PingDataSync logs
Log file Description

File-based Access Log that records LDAP operations processed by PingDataSync. Access log records can be used to provide information about problems during operation processing and about the time required to process each operation.


Records information about changes made to the server configuration in a format that can be replayed using the dsconfig command.

errors File-based Error Log that provides information about warnings, errors, and significant events that are not errors but occur during server processing.

Records anything written to standard output or standard error, which includes startup messages. If garbage collection debugging is enabled, then the information will be written to server.out.

Stores the server’s processID.


Stores the timestamp, a status code, and an optional message that provides additional information about the server status.


Records messages that occur during the initial server configuration with the setup command.


File-based Sync Log that records synchronization operations processed by the server. Specifically, the log records all changes applied, detected or failed; dropped operations that were not synchronized; changes dropped because of being out of scope, or no changes needed for synchronization.

sync-pipe-cfg.txt Records the configuration changes used with the bin/create-sync-pipe-config command. The file is placed wherever the command is run. Typically, this is in <server-root> or in the bin directory.

Holds logs for long running utilities. Current and previous copies of the log are present in the directory.


Records messages that occur during a server upgrade.